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    Going to buy the stage 1 kit for the 2008 rxp-x 255 Monday would like to know

    Frist I would like to know will it make my 2008 rxp-x 255 hit 70 mph and does anyone have any picture on the air intake for the supercharger, and how it works. Plus is it a better pitch impeller then the one that's in her. And should I buy the stantess wear ring or is the plactic one better for safeing the prop. If something was to get in there. Also do I need a new prop tool or is the one I have for my polairs the same thanks again everyone.

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    All you should need to hit 70 is an intake grate.

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    Really. I was thinking of getting the power filter as will Do you think that will get me a bet more There was one group on here say intake gate and power filter is all you need. But if you say intake gate will get me 70 the rest is. Wicked. Lol

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    Intake grate, Fizzle 4". and remove the OEM flame arrestor in the intake manifold (free mod)....Toss about 2mm on the training edge of your OEM prop, and you have a 70+ ski...

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    What do you mean. Free mod.and .. Toss About 2mm. Is it mean. Having no filter in the intake manifold and pitch the prop 2 mm

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    Ok after a bit of looking around. I know what your saying One more question is the intake gate on the 2011 rxt-x 260 better then the 2008 rxp-x 255. And will the prop fit each other

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    They are 2 different grates, and will not swap out...

    The 255 PX and TX used PHYSICAL means to keep the ski under 68mph (iControl us throttle position) so the aggressive grate caused a lot of drag the faster you went...but it also scooped up a lot more water, which fed a larger pump tunnel, which made the ski accelerate faster than any ski out at the time...

    The flame arrestor inside the intake manifold, YEA....remove it...You can do it for free with some elbow grease...

    As for the prop, I can't answer...but would say NO...The prop on the 255 is designed in such a way that it would load up the faster you went...Tweaking it is the only way to get more out of it, but there will be a point that you just have to replace it...

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    Wicked. Great way of explaining it. Lol This is like going to school again, seadoo 101. Perfect the more I know the lest I will get beep from some dealer. Not that I'm takeing her again anyway already been bent over. This site has turned me in to a 2 stroke fixer. Now it's time to learn the 4 tec. Thanks so much.

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