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    2007 250x Ultra OILP light on startup

    Well, this is sort of a shot in the dark I guess, but I figured I may as well give it a shot and try to make the best of it all.

    My buddy just purchased a 2007 Kawasaki 250x second hand off local classifieds. Machine was in really solid condition, 37 hours on the engine. Had her started before he purchased, purred like a kitten he said. Neither of us know much about PWC, and he didn't even tell me he bought it until he showed up at my place with it before I could do research and find out the problems this thing is prone to have. Anyway, it's purchased and troubled.

    He brought it into a fresh water lake, got maybe a quarter mile at half throttle (getting used to the machine) and it started sputtering. OILP light and the alarm started going off. Of course, he freaked out, called me and told me to look it up. Towed him back in, and started researching. Pretty much everything I've found on here tells me different things, so I tried what we could in a remote location. There was definitely water in the oil. How much is hard to say, really. We pulled the cap, seen the moisture and didn't start it after that. We flushed 5 liters through of fresh oil, drained that right to the bottom of the pan, and put 5 more fresh in again. Started it up and let it sit in the water for a few seconds and it stalled. Of course we panicked and thought the engine was seized, but luckily it was just a stall and the battery was dead. Put a new battery in, she starts up again with no effort, but still showing that oilp light and wont let us exceed roughly 3000-3500 RPM. What else can we do? Did he get screwed over on something major, or could it be something minor still? I have some wrenching skills, just not much knowledge on PWC specifically. I admire this forum already. You guys seem fantastic. Any help would be appreciated, and even some pokes at how dumb of a purchase this probably is couldn't hurt

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    drain oil, pull filter off, cut filter open and let us know if you see any copper/gold looking flakes in the filter, or unscrew oil filler cap if its bad enough you'll see it there....... hope ya dont find any of that!

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    Good news! the previous owner bought it back from him considering the troubles before even 1 ride. Very fortunate it seems... Should I close this thread?

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    Jeez that is an honest person to take the ski back.

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