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    Spark Demo Review

    Went to the demo today. Per the norm when trying to show these people from the south it does get warm in was raining and cold. Anyway these guys took it well and were a fun group. Maybe they hook up every schmo, but after dropping Greenhulk they let me rip around off the boring course, joked around and were genuinely interested in my questions, and even threw me a free shirt!

    First off, there wasn't any muscle craft to ride. They did have a GTX 155 but like the name suggests it's to showcase the Spark. I rode the base and the H.O. I was surprised by the get up and go of the Spark. Everyone knocks top speed, but the acceleration is there.

    I'm also a 6 foot 270lb guy. It's obviously more "wobbly" then bigger models, but that was the fun of it. You can really whip it around and I got it to bounce all over on calm water. This was also the first I've used IBR and wow that was shock to see how well that brakes!

    The downfalls. It felt small next to the GTX. Not that it's a issue but I wonder if it hits the pride having the smaller ski when out with buddies? (see my size) I also kind of miss gauges and the like. Only performance issue and maybe this just being a noob: After bouncing all around you then try to go for a quick burst of speed it wants to keep bouncing - like when you have VTS stuck on up?

    Overall, I really liked it. It's a nice break from these PWC's the size and price of boats. I think it's great for this market up here. The right size and speed for the majority of lake riding a guy does. Also with a short riding season, the price is right.

    My disappointment - not getting to meet Tiny.

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    I test drove a Spark also for their demo tour when they stopped in Delavan, WI. I agree with MNLaker, the acceleration was a nice surprise for a 90 horsepower machine. But yeah it definitely runs out of steam on the top end as expected. But it was a lot of fun to throw around on the lake. But as the lake started getting choppy, this thing really beats you up. But for a smaller machine there's not much you can do about it. Overall I like the Spark (I'm a Yamaha guy). It wouldn't be my "main" ski but I could see it as my second ski for friends/family to ride.

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