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    Saltwater evidence... should I be concerned?

    I got a 2012 Sea Doo RXT 260 with only 17 hours on it, and still under an extended warranty. The seller told me that it had been in saltwater a couple times but mostly at the lake near his house. I googled his address and saw that he definitely lived on a lake and in a state that is NOT anywhere near the coast.

    I got a good enough deal where I felt the ski was still worth it. But since I have only owned freshwater ski's, I need some opinions here.

    Do I need to be concerned about any of this? It will be taken care of from here on out, but hoping there's not too much damage. I don't keep ski's any longer than a year or two and don't put any more than 15 hours a season on it.
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    And the exterior of the ski...
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    wash the ski completely and wash the engine bay and get all that sand and salt out of there and spay some w40 for a while and run it on fresh water and try to keep it clean for now on and it would be safe

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    Looks like it sat with water in the hull, prob w the seat on.......that's a lot of corrosion. IMO

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    Damn that's why I spray down the engine bay with fresh water and leaf blower/wet vac everything til it's bone dry.

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    I did at least get a copy of his service receipt from October where he had the dealer winterize it and change the oil. Hopefully it will run on par--I'll be taking it out next week for testing. I also saw on his October service receipt where they replaced the intercooler and throttle body so at least those pieces are new. I'm considering swapping my X charger from my 2008 (20ish hours) to this machine.

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    That's a 2012 ??
    How do the outside pump parts look ?
    -for 17 hrs, I think the seller lied about it's salt water life.

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    No worries about the corrosion.

    Big question is did it injest salt water when the i/c crapped out???

    I've only seen the throttle bodies replaced when a ski took in salt water ...

    Ride it like you stole it and sell it in a year or 2,.

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    Get some brp xps spray and cover everything with it. Also they changed intercooler because they will leak and they replace them with the same kind which will eventually leak .buy an aftermarket cooler from the online store you troubles down the road

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    The outside pump parts look pretty good, but I have not removed IBR for a closer look yet. All I did today was put a 4" air intake on it. I'm not sure that the seller lied necessarily, I think it could just be that water got in the hull and he didn't do any rinsing or draining like someone else already mentioned. I asked him about the intercooler and TB and he said the dealer did that without him asking since they were having issues with them. And there is nothing on the service ticket where it says "customer states ski does not run properly..." etc.
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