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    Wave Raider won't rev past 3000 rpm

    I'm new to jet skiing and the forum--I rode my brother-in-law's Wave Raider 1100 last summer (my first time on a jet ski) and decided I had to have one. So a few weeks ago, I bought a matching pair of '95 Wave Raider 700s. One of them--the one my wife rides--runs great. The other one, not so much--how is it that I always get the short end of the stick? I have a little mechanical knowledge and access to a first-class auto mechanic, but that's really not helping much. I've had the ski on the water three times now. If I'm idling, which it doesn't do very well, and I pull on the throttle hard it'll rev up to somewhere in the neighborhood of 3500 to 4000 rpm and stay there for a while until it builds up a little speed and all of a sudden jumps to 6000 and we take off. As long as I stay at WOT it'll run fine. If I let off on the throttle and pull on it again before I slow down too much it'll pick up where it left off. If I let off on the throttle and let it slow down, though, I have to do the whole speed build up thing all over again.

    I checked the ski's compression before I bought it--it's good. The previous owner told me the carbs had been rebuilt two years ago and for various reasons, the skis hadn't been on the water since. I thought it might be an adjustment problem so I found the factory specs online and reset the high speed and low speed screws before I went out today--no change. The screws were set WAY too rich before I got ahold of them. Of course, with all of the little fiddling I did while at the river, I ended up having to limp back to the boat ramp not being able to exceed 3000 rpm. Another thing is it always smells like it's flooded and when it's cold, the only way I can get it started is with ether. I got a good deal on these skis--they're a little sun-faded on the outside, but when you pop the hood, what you see might as well have rolled off the assembly line yesterday. I don't want to have to negate my good deal by having to spend a bunch of money paying someone to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    sitting for 2 yrs most likely has stale fuel
    change fuel and filter,go thru carbs again and put some fresh plugs in
    and go have some fun

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    I would get some genuine Mikuni rebuild kits from the greenhulk store and go through the carbs on both skis. The good thing about the 1100s is the carbs are very easy to get to.

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    If it hasn't been done, update the oil lines with tygon and oetiker clamps. Makes the oil system very reliable. Lots of pics and info on here.

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