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    951 PTO coupler removal

    Hi all,

    I have pulled my engine from a 2002 RX DI but having a bit of a struggle with the PTO coupler, that is the one with the grease nipple. I removed the 6 hex bolts but the coupler seems to be stuck. I know that they use locktite on this part but I do nit want to damage anything. Any suggestions on how to remove this safely?

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    HEAT make it your friend heat around the edge and a little tap with a rubber mallet and your gona need heat and a puller to get the actual PTO off but be-careful of the crank seal behind the PTO

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    Thank you yes heat did the job and a bit of candle wax, tip from another person on the forum. Thank you have not pulled the PTO yet, I have a 10 ton hydrolic puller so should do the job.

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