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    Removing wrong oil from RX DI

    Hi all,

    I am rebuilding a 2002 RX DI engine pistons are both damaged after the previous guy put the wrong oil in the sy stem. I have removed the engine and waiting on all the parts but need to get the oil out of the oil delivery line to the oil pump, the oil pump itself as well as the lines from the pump to the bottom end. I have tried connecting the pump to a drill to see if I can pump it out but no luck there. Any suggestions? Also how can I check the status of the oil pump is there any maintenance tasks I can perform to inspect and service it as well as testing it's running condition?

    Thank you

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    Disconnect the lines and allow the oil to drain out or suck the oil out of them.

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    Thanks Bryan will give the draining a go. Any advice on the pump?

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