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    Catching Some Fun!

    Last night was a blast catching several Reds on live minnows from my Jet Ski, soon as it hit the water it was fish on. An hour after I caught them I was having dinner! I saw many kayaks and boats out on a pretty evening. This morning I was watching the sun come up over the bay and an Osprey flew by with his fresh flounder catch. He landed in my backyard and had breakfast. I have not posted recently, been busy with several other things. Just thought I would share some of my recent pictures, I even managed to get a shot of an Oyster squirting. Happy Fathers Day!

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    Great pics as usual

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    Wow, Brian..

    I should have dragged to Ski to your neighborhood. I got a little beat up near shore Saturday and today.

    Wound up inside Rudee. Got (and lost) a nice Flounder..



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