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    Is it really this hard to find a Non-Turbo Long Block??

    Well I bought a 2005 R-12 with 38hrs full knowing engine was locked and have it all apart now and yea its toast for sure. Piston wasnt even in cyl #3 it was in thousands of pieces in case and cracked some of the webbing inside the block. The head is beyond any kind of repair for sure. Anyway, long story short is there anyone or anywhere where I can find a long block for this. I want to keep it N/A and stock. I also dont really want a rebuild with taiwan parts if you know what I mean.

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    SBT has them. Always ??? as far as quality of build so if you get the premium you get a warranty. Pricey.
    I do not know about parts used.
    Do a good leak-down test.
    One on e-bay 2800.
    R-12 is a great little ski. Good luck.

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    Well it looks like they are my only option I guess. Does no one on this forum have a non turbo running long block for sale? have cash in hand don't feel like spening $2k+ right now.

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