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    Jet Pump Removal on 1200xl 1999 Wave Runner

    I need to pull the jet pump off my wave runner because my impeller is bound up within the housing. I've removed all the connections for reverse and trim control. I've removed the 5 bolts that connect the pump to the hull. But for the life of me I can't pull the pump housing back. Is this even possible? Am I missing something? I've gently hit it with a hammer to try and shift it around, obviously being very careful not to harm the aluminum. Any thoughts on now I can pull the Jet Pump off as one unit?

    Do I need to do anything around the PTO near the motor? I didn't think so but not sure.

    Thanks Jason

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    IF you're sure everything is disconnected and all the bolts removed, it could be the sealant around each part that connects to another part of the pump. I know I had a heck of a time pulling mine out of a Gpr because of it. I ended up using a flat screw driver and a small hammer to help them separate. Just be safe to not damage it if doing the same!!!

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