I have a 1996 GTX that has an oil leak to address; plan on replacing tank grommets and the small (3/32) oil injection lines; I picked up some 3/32 Tygon tubing for the injection lines - couple questions:

- How do you remove the factory injection lines? I scraped off some of the white factory paint and it looks like a Ferrule I use on my bicycle cables. Wire cutters and tear into it? Small chisel? Best way?
- What do attach new lines? Quality zip ties?

- Tank Grommet: Any sealant recommended when installing the grommet?

Edumacate me on the oil system overall...
- Medium line (8mm w/ filter) feeds the pump that them supplies the small injection lines: Yes?
- Larger line (12mm) supplies oil to the bottom end?
- Large line on the port side is the oil return to the top of the tank.

How best to replace the return line on the port side? Looks like a bit of a pain to have to split the exhaust pipe where the compression band is.
Will the exhaust pipe come out by just unbolting from the manifold and then the hose to the muffler? Best to remove the exhaust manifold?
Will I be able to access the port side return line with just the exhaust pipe out of the way?

Thanks and sorry for the long newbie post,