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    787 Rectifier Replacement question ('97 GTX)

    I guess I'm in the market for a new rectifier for my '97 GTX. I bought one because I was having sporadic electrical issues last year shortly after purchasing the ski. Towards august I couldn't rev past 5k, after dewinterizing it it wouldn't do much above an idle. After messing around with the carbs for weeks, just today I unhooked the rectifier and it runs like a dream.

    Last time I bought a cheap eBay replacement. Seeing as how it didn't last 3 months, I'm going to go a different route this time. The problem is that I don't know where to look. I've been told that a lot of people use 4tec rectifiers. If they are truly more reliable, I don't mind modifying the harness. I see they come with one red, two yellow, and a ground wire, where mine has one red and three yellow wires and no ground (Grounded to the case I'm assuming). I can't seem to find how they are supposed to be wired anywhere when making the conversion.

    If anyone can give me any hints, or point me in the direction of a rectifier that will last more then a season, it would be much appreciated!


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    The 4-tec conversion rectifiers are for the RFIs and DIs. Your 97 is a carb ski. If you are frying rectifiers then most likely the stator has issues. What happens is the starter bendix and flywheel wears a little and the metal shavings from that get stuck the the mag cup because it's magnetic and then cause the stator to product erratic voltages. Often it will produce too much voltage and begin to fry rectifiers. Pulling the mag cover and cleaning out the cup and cleaning off the stator ring is the best place to start. After that i just use Caltric rectifiers from ebay because i have had good luck with their stuff, or SBT depending on who has the best price.

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    I have an OEM rectifier for sale if you are interested

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    I also bought the ebay cheap oh 2 years ago and it still going...I have an extra stator if you need one.

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