I purchased a 2009 GTX Limited iS this year which had a failed ibr module. The ski still had warranty so I got it fixed and went to take it out for a first time and that part was taken care of. I then ran into a check engine light and low oil pressure text that came up. This doesn't pop up right at idle but pops up once the machine has been throttled. Seems like it happened on the second time it was throttled both times I have taken it out. First time it happened we towed it in, dropped it off at the dealership and the only thing they did is tighten down the cables on my battery and also cleaned the ground that went to the block and put some dielectric grease on it. They cleared the code and ran it at the shop(not on a lake) and the check engine light/low oil pressure warning did not come up. (BTW they charged me $280 to clean the ground and tighten the battery cables down which I would have through had been covered under the warranty as troubleshooting the issue). Anyways took it back out today and same thing, after throttling it the second time the check engine light and low oil pressure came up again.

A few questions regarding this
1st - Any idea what it would be? I read on some there were issues with the sensors but not sure what year that carried into?
2nd - Did they legimitely charge me for the service before or should that have been warrantied? I was told it wasn't covered due to corrosion not being covered. Seems that was not the cause at this point though.
3rd - When they fix it this time should I push to get that money back or will that never happen?
4th - Anyone know of dealerships in Central New York State that are on the water so they can do a good test after the work is done?

Thanks for any input.