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    I hope you guys are with me! Lots of SUV stuff!

    OK, just picked up a '99 suv thats going to need some work...I'm real excited about making this happen and maybe will be setting up for fishing if/when everything else is good! Cosmetically pretty darn good, thats why I went through with purchase...Some stuff I'll do without bothering ya'll like minor gel coat and swapping/adding generic parts I'm familiar with..The front cover is off the engine and previous owner said mechanic told them they needed new flywheel or stator...flywheel looks perfect, thinking they mean stator(i'll be bench checking that tomorrow)...Anyway I'm probably replacing ALL gas and oil lines...I guess one of my first questions is what do you think about removing engine and going over everything? Is a salt machine so I wouldn't mind doing a good cleaning and I'm thinking maybe I should bite the bullet and rebuild carbs right away? Is there anyway to check cylinders/compression while stator and cover are off? sorry for long winded post but i'm counting on GH! THANKS!!!

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    Well...if the starter is still hooked up, you should be able to spin the engine...
    even if the stator is long as fly wheel is still attached...

    from the sounds of it, I would say you are on the right track.

    and yeah i think you right, with everything torn down, might as well do the carbs, start fresh.

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    thanks hammer, no the whole front plate is off.I need new stator..I'm thinking I should pull the head and at least get a visual of what may have been going on?

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    !#$%&(! ...bought new stator, 300 bucks, still no spark! Was at least able to turn over and check compression which was good, that was a big plus..I've just read a LOT of pages of no spark issues, nothing sounds to promising for my situation, will check some more today...any ideas on what it may be, especially specific to this machine? could I maybe need to press in any code on dash? is there an overturn switch on this? if so, where might it be? thanks for any help, I've already done WAAAY more on this ski myself, thanks to GH members!

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    damn,,,its worse now...just went out to play with this thing and now it wont turn over! solenoid just clicks...yes battery is good, even jumped it to the truck

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    New here but I have had a SUV1200 for yrs....
    They sometimes take to blowing the fuse in the box inside the hull. The box is black and in line with the battery. Has a fuse in the box.
    The starter is usually not too bad of a job. If you use a small bar and a wood block you can remove it and use the hull molded side pcs. to use a bar to get it back in past the rubber O ring. ......
    I have replaced my stock ring with a plastic one and a recon impeller ..,,,, got one that is rebuilt and you send yours back... very happy with it and much less$$ than any new one and i would say it is just as good and I have had it in the ski for 2 yrs.....
    I would take the ride plate out and the grate and re do the seals on them.,,,, weather stripping works well lasts a long time and fills the voids ,,, ski does not like to have any voids at the plates or impeller...
    I had my motor go after 39 hours due to oil pump failure.,,,,, no more oil pump and many , many hours gone by. I have had no problems with it. They can do well with 2 riders if one is over the pump. I have seen a tread some place with a SUV1200 with a big 4 stroker and it has some other mods that make it run 90 mph range also has 2 extra fuel tanks (one each side with elec. fuel pumps and transfer pumps)..
    Had to recover the ski and that is about it......
    Very had to find a good cover tho.....
    Any ? please ask and always looking to make some changes as well if you have any ideas..
    Take care

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    Thanks crazy...will do!...I pulled starter last night, was a bitch!...maybe because salt water ski..dunno, but busted the front housing hitting it with a hammer and socket extension! Its a mitsu, do you know if thats oem or an aftermarket? thanks!
    Cant tell from your sig, where are you located?
    ETA- Also curious, was it actually oil pump failure or a line fall off?

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    First rule of buying a used broken ski...NEVER and i mean NEVER believe what the previous owner said. Take about 15% to heart and figure out the rest on your own.

    The stator doesnt need to work in order for the ski to start. Did you did a test with it to see if it was bad, a simple voltage meter would be able ti tell you.

    Before you start throwing more money and parts, id suggest figuring your actual problem first and forget whatever the previous owner told you. Usually they are too dumb to even tell what they did to the ski, nor can recall all the issues. Rememember at this point, they are just trying to unload the ski for whoever will pay the most money...
    Good luck

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    thanks kw...I'd say you are mostly right about previous owners but in this case they were, believe it or not, a 60ish yo couple of women!..Also, for price I paid, I plan on having to spend a few bucks to get it going. I did do a bench test on stator, and although it looked pretty darn good, there was an OL somewhere..I pulled the starter because I actually wanted to just check the ground wire but the starter felt like it had a fair amount of rust on housing so I figure why not just pull that too? Turns out starter was good but the ground on the was wrong bolt, the one with paint, not the cleaned one...dont know how much this might matter but the connecter was pretty dirty too! Hoping that between a new fully charged battry, new starter and all newly cleaned cable connections, I have a better outcome...thanks again!

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    I wish the best of luck.

    Carbs...if you havnt rebuilt them, and old man rivers hasnt you should go ahead and get that out of the way. I personally wouldn't even run the ski without knowing it was done. Sort of an insurance plan once get get a few hundred yards away from shore..

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