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    2003 rxdi seadoo

    Can Anyone tell me about the 2003 Seadoo RX-DI w/ 951cc & is getting water into the combustion area of the rear cyl. Runs geat till you wet the ski up....for test run. Then the rear plug sees water. Is this ski anything Special? Looks like 1st thoughts of the RX -RXP Era Hull with a 951 cc motor under the hood. What is the Top speed & is it worth repairing If you are going to ride it?? I Only Own 4 strokes right now..
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    Inspect your tuned pipe for leaks. If is still has the rubber cover around the bolts around the exhaust manifold remove them and look for marks there. Those manifolds use a rubber gastket between the manifold and the tuned pipe. With age the area where the gasteks seats can become weak. Here we run on salted water so it deteriorates letting water enter the rear cylinder. Hope this helps. Otherwise I would look for a bad head gasket wich is very reare in my opinion.

    DI's are tricky and sensitive. But if they are properly tuned they are quite fuel eficcient. lots of riding time for a two stroke.

    Just my two cents.

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