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    new to site trying to figure out this problem!

    hey everyone im new to the site and the pwc community i just picked up a 97 wave venture for 1000 with a trailer and im already having a starting issue it cranks like it wants to run but im getting zero spark. initally i couldnt start it without a jump but now it died while riding and i couldnt restart.

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    Hello and welcome to the Hulk. 1st Things 1st, not to hard to do ... remove carb cover and clean the carbs make sure to put fresh gas in tank. try removing plugs and clean them. Check to make sure battery is charged up & holding charge. Then try again. & report back. Good Luck

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    ok sooo my carbs look great i have a full tank of ethanol free and brand new spark plugs and am currently charging the battery but with the new plugs and the cleaned carbs i still have no spark but its still like trying to start it just sounds like the starter is turing everthing over but theres no acutal combustion happening

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    any luck yet? if you need info, PM me here

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