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    Do my RPM's seem low?

    Finally got the ski out. Was the coldest I have ever ridden. Air was 45 and lake was 60. I only saw about 7600 rpm's. Last year in the summer I would see 7800 in much more heat. I know the speedo isn't very accurate but it read higher than I have ever seen but the rpm's worry me a little. The ski is an 04 with 53 hrs on it. What should I be looking for. Maybe a wear ring?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98Hawk View Post
    Maybe a wear ring?
    Thats were i would start..Whens the last time you changed it ???
    While you have it apart i would also check the prop for imperfections..
    Have you noticed any cavitation???If so the wear ring is probley your problem


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