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    SVHO Fuel Economy

    While we all like to look at the impressive top speed, accel, and new pump configuration on the 2014 SVHO, I think it's also worthy to note the fuel economy.

    Here are some numbers (in litres/hr) I've found from reliable sources:

    Model>>>/WOT/Cruise/Range/Accel 0-30/0-50/Source
    FX Cruiser/80/[email protected]/161km/1.5/3.5/ Ski Int'l Mag
    FZ>>>>>/65/[email protected]/148km/1.3/3.4/""

    Do you guys have any real world data on this?
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    I recently took a nice cruise and noted economy...

    148 miles, burned 27.4 gallons, 5.4 mpg, moving average was right around 30 mph. Ski is an FZR.

    My '12 Px got 5.44 mpg on the same trip for comparison- just slightly better.

    My buddy had his Honda F-12X along and it got 5.9 mpg.

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    Great info, thanks Vman!

    Looks like it's pretty much a toss up between the brands, as far as cruising, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n8dgr84 View Post
    Great info, thanks Vman!
    No problem.

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    I have found it slightly better than my SHO was.

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