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    Intake grate for 2014 FZS

    So I picked up a 2014 fzs and I want to go with a new stainless steal intake grate so I don't have to worry about being throw off my ski in case it breaks so is this the one I want to go with? RIVA FZR/FZS Stainless Steel Top-Loader Intake Grate

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    When I talked with Riva just the other day they said the new SVHO intake grate is coming shortly and will be SS. Right now the only option I know of is the R&D. I had it on my FZR but I will be going with the riva on the new ski or possibly the TBM adjustable unit if they release a billet one.

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    Sounds good. I thought it was listed on the greenhulk website that is was available but maybe that was for the 2013 and older model.

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    correct, the one listed is the older unit that does not have the 4 bolt holes that the new setup uses.

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