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    '94 WR III Missing at Wide Open Throttle

    Posted this a few years ago that one of my WRs had developed a miss at WOT. Talked to the owner of a WaterCraft parts & service center who told me the issue was a failing charge coil. He sold me the part, but we were leaving in a few days for a houseboat trip in Nevada, so he also told me the issue could be temporarily "cheated" by reducing the spark plug gap, but that regapping was a temporary fix.
    The regap fixed the issue for almost 3 years, but last outing last year the problem re-appeared. Over the winter I pulled the motor, popped the flywheel off & installed the new charge coil. I set the plugs back to stock gap & the miss is still there. The charge coil didn't fix it.
    Any ideas on what could be causing the miss? It only appears at wide open throttle, or just below it.
    Don't know if it could be fuel, or electrical, or a combination.
    Thanks for any ideas.

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    Just a followup in case anyone has the same issue. Replaced the charge coil on the stator as recommended by a race /repair ski shop & the problem remained. Replaced the entire stator & problem is solved. Runs better than it ever has! Found an aftermarket stator with free shipping & a 1 year warranty online.
    Found it easiest to pull the motor & change the stator on the bench. Left the carb & oil tank/pump in the ski.
    Motor disconnects & pulls in about 45 minutes. Took the flywheel cover off & used a 3 finger harmonic balancer puller (rented from Auto Zone) to pop the flywheel off(flywheel bolt is normal thread-turning counter clockwise to remove). 2 phillips screws need removed to take the stator off. My screws had to be loosened using the nose of a pair of channel locks(I replaced them with stainless button head allen bolts). Electrical box came out with the engine, so once opened its unplug old connections & plug in the new, except for one wire with a loop that needs unscrewed from the box & replaced with the new wire & loop connector.
    The orig stator has 2 timing marks cast into the part(dots) & a punched mark (line) that lines up with an arrow cast into the engine block. I measured & transferred the dots & punch mark onto the new stator & lined it up with the arrow on the block when reassembling. Reverse order to put it all back together.
    Engine disconnect/removal, stator removal/replacement & engine re-install took about 3 hours start to finish.
    Easy job & time well invested.

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