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    Needing new carbs for 2002 Virage TX1200

    After several attempts at rebuilding the carbs on the cursed Virage (Seriously, I curse at it a lot lately) I am ready to throw in the towel, admit defeat, and install a new set of carbs. I've been through every aspect of this machine, top to bottom, back to front. The crank seals are new, the engine fresh, the carbs rebuilt (twice, once with aftermarket kits, then again with Polaris kits and then torn down again to absolutely check every fuel circuit, diaphragm, arm adjustment and even the check ball in the accelerator pump. They should be perfect, yet the engine bogs and idles lean (rpms start to climb as it's starving for fuel).

    Anyways, does anyone have a good set that they would part with?


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    If the idle is supposedly lean did you ipen the low end screws? Is your accel pump working? Have you set your arm height? Lots of things go into this other than rebuilding

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    We see many problems with fuel select valves. Don't forget to go over your complete fuel system.

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    did you make sure the return orifice in the center carb is clear?

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    Arm height at 1.5mm, low speed screws set at 1 1/8, then opened up to attempt compensation, accel pump working, white plastic check ball free and clear, jets all correct and clear, keihin diaphragms installed. Checked entire fuel system for blockage/air leaks including fuel shut off. I have rebuilt probably 20-25 sets of diaphragm carbs (admittedly mostly mikuni sbn's) and this is the first set that has me scratching my head. I even pulled the engine and went back through it replacing the already new crank seals, base gaskets, intake gaskets, etc. thinking I may have not sealed up the cases properly upon rebuild. I just bought a set of carbs on ebay today ($229.00 including the choke cable as to eliminate the primer and get back to stock) so I'll keep you updated on any progress. Of all the Polaris's I've worked on, this one has been without doubt THE most troublesome, problematic, pain in my arse ever,,,,


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    Hey fellers,
    Have you ever had the solution to your ongoing problem solved by a GF with absolutely no knowledge/understanding of mechanical things? After having the carbs off at least 10 times, over $200 in rebuild kits, a failed trip 260 miles away (towed it to Lake Cumberland only to leave it on the trailer) pulling the engine a second time to re-replace crank seals and re-seal the cases, and still no GF asked me if the heat from the original issue ( ) with this ski could have caused the issue. After a disgusted "NO!" I thought about it and realized that the check ball for the accelerator pump is plastic. I pulled the carbs once again and disassembled to find that indeed, while the check ball moves freely it is mis-shaped from the heat and can no longer seal.

    The issue has been a lean bog and the engine slowly returning to idle exactly like a leaking crank seal. I knew it was sucking air but could not figure out where it was coming from. I had been through the entire ski front to back and could not find it. I got my new carbs in the mail (only needed the fuel plate from the accelerator carb) and presto, my problem was solved. Starts and runs fine like a Polaris. The only issue I experienced during my "Sea Trials" was an intermittent shut off due to faulty connectors. I ordered the Deutsch pins from Batts Racing (14-18 AWG) so I'll have that buttoned up by the weekend.

    Thanks to EVERYONE'S help on this as it has been the most epic battle I've ever faced on a watercraft. Funny how the prettiest ones give you the most problems...


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