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    Are Gtx and xp di fuel pumps the same

    I need to replace my 2004 xp di fuel pump, does anyone know if a 2001 gtx fuel pump will work? They look the same but not sure if the length is the same or if the tank fittings are different etc?

    I'm thinking all the DI fuel pumps are the same 107psi pumps?
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    To Help any one else out, I picked up a 2001 gtx di fuel pump and they are slightly different to the xp di 2004 one. The canister section (silver) is shorter than the xp di version. But you can change the inside of the pump that has the motor which is what I was after, all you need to do is pull the motor out and swap the top ends over with your old pump motor and your good to go. The ends just screw on and off, once that is done it's a perfect fit, now I have a working xp di fuel pump motor, just need to install it over the weekend and see if that fixes my xp di starting issue.... the tricky part was getting the old internal filter out, you need one of those long grabbing tools to yank it out.

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