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    When to rebuild carb or clean

    How often should you have to rebuild a 2 stroke carb or clean?
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    At the first sign of bogging or hesitation. When properly maintained a carb job can last for many years if the ski is ran several times a year. Carb rebuilds are almost always required if a ski sits a season or more out in storage too. The key for me is stabil in the winter, ethanol free gas if possible, stabil ethanol treatment if gas may have ethanol all year, and tank cleanliness. Gas cans are the #1 enemy of your carburators. I keep my tank clean by pulling the ski up to the pump for every fill up. Gas cans are sometimes a have-to situation, but take time to look inside and make sure they are clean and don't use them anymore if that cannot be sealed up when not in use. I also store my skis with a full tank of gas, there is argument about this, but i have had great luck storing them with the tank full every time.

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