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    Power Valve Question and cylinder coating

    What parts should I replace for a power valve on a 1999 Yamaha 1200 xl ltd. Should I do some sort of clip and keep the factor power valve? Not sure on what to replace..

    Cylinder coating-Nikasil... How thick is this coating? Will a light hone with a flexible drill type hone damage the coating?


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    Well it depends if there is any damage to the power valve. If there's no damage then there is no reason to replace. (Post some pics so we can see). They make pv clips to keep the pin from falling out. The sbt ones are the best in my opinion. Nickasil coating is thin but you should be fine with doing a light hone. I have used the ball hones before and uhh t did an ok job but I no longer use that kind of hone.

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    on a 99 youre playing Russian roulette if you keep those PV
    get the latest upgraded ones
    Ive seen too many break at the stem to feel safe.
    see my post on the honing

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