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    2007 Yamaha VX Cruiser shutoff problem

    When we come down off a wake the machine shuts off. We hit the start button and it starts back up. We have had it at the dealer 3 times and they cannot seem to find the problem. On flat water the machine runs fine.

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    Might be a short or corrosion in the start/stop button. Sure all cables were checked and tightened? Good battery?

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    Battery is good. All connections, allegedly, checked by dealer. Going to check exhaust clamp this weekend as well as connections at start / stop buttons
    Found out by pressing mph button and holding for 8 seconds it will run a diagnostic for. me.

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    Could it be the tilt switch (rollover cutoff switch) is over sensitive and is shutting down the engine?

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    It sounds like a bad tilt sensor to me. A loose connection should manifest itself in other ways too and less predictibly.

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    Thanks everyone for all the help. We'll try all this this weekend. Hopefully we can figure it out. When and if we do I will have a nice talk with the owner of the dealership we took it to originally. It may not be pretty.

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