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Thread: Seadoo GTR Info

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    Seadoo GTR Info

    I purchased a 2013 GTR last year and one of the reasons I purchased it was its weight of 765 pounds compared to the RXT-X weight of 834 pounds. Looking at the 2014 specs, the GTR is now showing as 799 pounds yet the RXT-X is still 834 pounds. All weights are supposed to be dry weight. Did the 2014 GTR put on some weight somewhere?

    My GTR's top speed with a full tank of gas is 65mph at 8040 RPM's. Does this sound about right? When I get down to half tank of gas, it gets up to 67 mph. I weight about 260lbs. Now my friend's 2010 RXT-X is going 68mph with a full tank or empty tank and I want to be a little closer in speed to him.

    Can I get to 67 MPH with a full tank without changing or flashing the ECU? What is recommended? Filter/Kanaflex, Thermostat, R&D pump seal? If I can get to 67mph with a full tank and 68/69 with 1/4 tank, I would be happy.

    I already have 2 - 2" frogskinz installed but that was more to get the heat out of the engine bay so my seat wasn't a frying pan for my rear. I also filled the ride plate holes with RTV at the beginning of the season but haven't checked to see if it held yet.

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    Mine showed 68 mph at 8040 rpm's full of gas or not. Kept up side by side with my brothers 2011 300x once up to top speeds.

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    (forum member) Tiny can enlighten you as to any weight gains the GTR has put on.

    as far as the top speed; it is GPS limited, through the ECU, to 68 - period.
    In order for you to get past this, you will have to 'flash' the ECU, or use an aftermarket ECU.

    Getting rid of the restrictive factory air intake may get you the results you seek w/o flashing the ECU.

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