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    Too Many Hours on a Supercharged RXT-X 260

    Hey, everyone I just have a simple question. I'm in the market for a new (new to me) ski. I was looking on Craigslist and found a Sea Doo RXT-X 260 for $9500. I really like it, but it has 130 hours on it. Is that too much since it's supercharged? I would hate to get one and immediately have problems out of it. Thanks in advance!

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    Not commenting on price but rather the hours --> Properly maintained, its not bad at all. Hrs aren't a problem as much as long as oil changes, spark plugs, proper flushing, SC rebuild, were done properly. I have a friend running 300+ hrs on his backup race ski he uses for practice. These 4techs are amazing when properly maintained like anything....
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    I may look into it then. I'll find out how well it's been maintained.

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    to much money.... my buddy picked up a leftover 2012 rxpx 260 for 10500 11500 out the door with trailer in mass a few months ago
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    I hope that is a 2012 at that price with a trailer.

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    It actually isn't I guess that crosses that one out. lol

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    Totally depends on what year T-X 260, mods installed, how it was maintained, super charger rebuilt on schedule, trailer, etc, etc. My 2010 T-X has over 100 hours, extensive mods, is incredibly fast, and maintained and cared for to the nth degree. It is worth far more than $9500 and definitely not for sale.

    So to answer the OP's original question, a lot more info is required to make an informed decision!

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    I run a rxt 2012 with mods in signature... Always did all the maintenance, new oil and spark every spring, charger at 100 ish hours... Running like brand new... But faster ☺

    Edit: 205 hours

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    2010 RXT-X 260 bought new, completely stock, SC rebuilt at 93hrs, 113hrs. Still running like new. Just keep up with oil changes and if you have any question about this ski, just ask jpt7779. He definitely knows this ski inside and out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98gsxl951 View Post
    to much money.... my buddy picked up a leftover 2012 for 10500 11500 out the door with trailer in mass a few months ago

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