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    NYC June 22 Launch Pole

    In order to consolidate a 70+ page thread. Please take the poll.

    If you vote you can count heads and see who's going were (view results)

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    Thanks Steach !!

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    stolen from RaiderMagic:

    OK, So I spent some time scanning & copying some relevant post info:
    a little bit from everyone & compiled for all.


    Sunday June 22nd

    Aprox 50 skis attending this epic ride

    We usually meet for 9-930 am and aim to be on the water by 10-10:30 am. We are usually packed up and out of the water by 3:30-4 pm latest.

    No such thing as outsiders ! All are welcome!!! The more the merrier….

    with decent conditions you will be fine no matter what ski you're on. Have a good 3/2 wet suit just incase it is choppy and you don't want to get soaking wet.
    I personally have no problem hanging back with guys that may struggle in chop. My VXR sucks in the chop so I'll be right there with you. This is going to be an EPIC ride that I would not want to miss just because my ski might be less than stellar in rougher conditions.
    Again just my take on it. I've been looking forward to this since the Hudson ride last October!

    Someone mentioned their concern about a smaller 2 stroke in these waters a few pages back. I've ridden my old Waveraider and my GPR there. Its not that bad, just expect a rougher ride. It really depends on how the boat traffic/wind is that day. Sometimes its calm, sometimes there are decent size swells. Just go at the pace you feel comfortable with. I ride with a lot of guys with a wide range of different skis and skill levels, and no one ever has a problem.

    What to wear/Bring:
    If u get hungry like river runner I would say pack a lot of sandwiches !!! Life vest.....Reg , Water, snacks, sunblock, a tow rope, I pack snacks that don't melt....not sure what water temp will be ..some wear wetsuits others just shorts...some type of wet shoes because it def isn't beach sand where we launch!!anyone else got ideas ?
    the essentials like Water, sun block, sunglasses, oil, basic tool kit, your own dock line, dry clothes/towel for lunch.
    Wetsuit, booties/water shoes maybe even gloves.

    And obvious things like ID, papers, safety gear, cash, tow boat membership, contact person/#, etc

    South Shore guys meet:

    4055 Merrick Rd, Seaford, NY 11783

    Northshore/BK/Queens meet:

    255-41 Horace Harding Expy
    Little Neck, NY 11362

    Safety Cert Info:
    I'm visiting New York. Will my safety certificate from my home state be sufficient?Yes, provided it was issued from your current state of residence, and the course was approved by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators. Look for the NASBLA logo on your certificate. - See more at:

    make sure to have reg/license/saftey equipment in order in the event that we get stopped for saftey check. Fire extinguisher, whistle ect...

    If your NH card is NASBLA certified it should be fine in NY/NJ.
    It's issued to the operator, not your house. There is no reason it has to match the state of boat registration or current address.

    Could make fuel stops by the GW and again at Liberty Landing.

    For those who use mileage for fuel consumption, From Yonkers down the Hudson, around the Statue of Liberty and back up the East/Harlem River to back to Yonkers is 38.2 miles+/-.

    If someone brings a fuel container with them at the base of the marina at east 23rd st on east river there is a BP gas station on the FDR. I have access to that dock. Its where we park the seaplanes. If you go into where the boats park its a 30 second walk to the gas station. we can fill a couple of cans and bring them back to the skies.

    Boat Ramp Info for Ride

    Hazard's Dock Boat Ramp
    Henry Hudson Dr
    Fort Lee, NJ 07024
    Fee: $20 (cash only)

    JFK Marina Yonkers
    1 John F. Kennedy Memorial Drive
    Yonkers, New York 10701
    Fee: $20 (cash only)

    Georges Island Park
    198 Dutch Street
    Montrose, New York 10548
    Fee: $25 (cash or check)

    JFK at Yonkers has about 44 spots for vehicles with trailers. From past experience if we get there around the time we always do we would have no problem claiming 30 spots easy.
    George Island Park looks to have about 30 spots as well.

    YONKERS Ramp:
    565 Warburton Avenue
    Yonkers, NY 10701

    Fort Lee, NJ Ramp:
    -It's about 4 miles South of the Yonkers launch (on the West shore)


    From Yonkers we ride down the Hudson (under GW bridge) to NY Harbor. Then its up the east river (under Brooklyn/Manhattan/WB bridges/59th St. bridge) To the Harlem river and come out by Spuyten Duyvil. Back up Hudson to ramp (some go further up depends what you want to do).

    We launch from yonkers and head south. At the end we usually haul ass to the tap then kinda call it a day...

    Usually roll back in around 3ish but the launch from where we ride isnt that far so once we loop manhatten its very close. We do take a jaunt up to the tap and back

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    NYC June 22 Launch Pole

    Launch "pole"? Really? Unfortunately it doesn't show up on taptalk. But put me down for g dub

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    Quote Originally Posted by addicted View Post
    Launch "pole"? Really?
    Don't bust on the illiterate. Plus, I knew you wouldn't hesitate to jump on a pole.

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