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    chock flywheel, impeller?

    Hey all, Hopefully installing new stator tomorrow...looks like 53 ft/lbs for flywheel bolt? ...Question how/where to check to obtain this spec? thanks!

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    I'm at a loss on this too. Is it absolutely necessary to have the flywheel holder tool, or is there a creative solution I'm not thinking of?

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    All torque specs are in factory manual.
    Just did the keyway on my GPR1300 and that number sounds about right, think I did mine to 55 ft/lbs.
    Make sure the nose on the shaft is clean and free of burrs, etc.
    The late Oside bill would lapp the flywheel to the crank to ensure a tight fit.
    Use a drop of red loctite under the key and also some on the flywheel bolt.

    To hold the flywheel I used method found in a search:

    1. Get a piece of standard bungee cord about 2 feet long.
    (You may want to cut the hook off of one end of a normal bungee tie down.)

    2. Remove spark plug from cyl closest to flywheel.

    3. Put a dowel or stick in the plug hole and bring cyl up to TDC and back piston down about 1.5 inches.
    The 1.5 inches is to ensure the piston is blocking all the ports for the next step.

    4. Feed/coil the bungee cord down into the cyl so there is a coil of bungee on top of the piston.
    Of course leave some hanging out of the plug hole so you can retrieve it.

    5. Then bring piston back toward TDC in the direction that you are torqueing the flywheel bolt and the crank should stop.

    6. Torque the bolt and then remove the bungee.

    There is another method to hold the crank but this worked well for me and so easy.


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    use a piece of rope not a bungee cord!

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    Bungee worked great for me since it is easy to feed in and make a coil on top of the piston.
    Is there any downside to bungee?

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    I posted in another thread what worked for me...just a plain ole strap wrench was perfect! to do myself....Also, someone else posted up a neat little tool that is basically a brass rod that screws into plug hole that you bottom piston against

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    The piston stop is a super tool .... must have really for any one. You can get from SBT catalog. It is ok to buy some things from them Ha Ha. Good luck

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    I've used piston stops and rope before, they both work fine, I prefer rope.

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