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    battery draining 2000 seadoo gsx rfi

    So i got a new battery the other day and i thought I had the terminals down thought but I guess they weren't and a terminal came off and blew my 10 amp fuse and it kept blowing. So i took the battery out then put in the new fuse then put the battery back in and it started up no problem...

    I went to put it back in the water yesterday and it was completely dead..

    I took out the battery and charged it and realized that the dash stays on and also when I start the ski it shorts out for a second then starts right up... the time on it always resets back 1200...

    I replaced the rectifier at the and of last year and have only put 5 hours on it sense...

    I pulled the plug for the vts and dash so it wouldn't drain the battery... hoping it's not the mpem...

    BTW its an 2000 seadoo gsx rfi... need help!

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    Have you tried to see if the battery is charging while the engine is running?

    Not sure what you mean by "the dash stays on" and "the ski shorts out for a second then starts right up"

    Can you clarify?

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    When I shut off the ski the dashboard where the time, hours, ect..., it stays on and drains my battery. When i go to start it, I hold the button down and it turns over for a second then delays for a half a second then continues to turn over until it starts which is fairly quick. When it's started, the time and everything on the dashboard is reset like I took the battery out then put it back in..
    Does that help explain my problem better!?

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    The battery was completely dead again even after I pulled the dash and vts cord... I charged the battery and it ran for then it blew the 10 amp fuse again... any thoughts?

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    Put amp meter inline with battery and cable . See what you are drawing for amps, put key in but do NOT start it, check meter, remove key, disconnect each connector one at a time until Amp drops to zero or close to.

    When does the fuse blow?

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    It was blowing when I put it in right away but I think it ass because there wasn't good connection but now it will blow randomly while riding

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    Also the battery dies so I would obviously charge it first or will that give it a false reading because it was just charged?

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    So I pulled the battery and charged it and put it back in and it started right up... the fuse was not blown this time I just figured it did because it started running like crap... when I started to drive it, it wouldn't go passed about 6 mph and would just rev up... the red light was not blinking at all or saying anything across the screen... the dash did stay on again though and drained the battery. Also when i unplugged the dash and vts plug, the battery still drained... there is nothing in the intake grate and water was coming out of the hole in the back like its supposed to... I have not done the amp meter yet but im starting to think either the mpem is shot or the rectifier is making it act funny which I did replace last year

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    Could have metal particles floating around in the stator area shorting things down.

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    I have read about this happening. I have a few questions before I attack this... first what is both of the 10 amp fuses for? Also where is the stator actually located in the ski? Will I have to pull the motor or pull the exhaust and flywheel? I have read about the mpem blowing the 5 and 15 amp fuses and that's a sign of it being bad but never seen anything about the 10s being a sign... should I test the stator before i pull it apart or will the metal shavings not give it a different reading?

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