Last month celebrated some major milestones – all happening at one single event, the Aqua Moto Grand Prix. Not only did it welcome the return of the one and only Chris “Flyin’ Fish” Fischetti to the world of jet ski racing, but also as a promoter, and the fateful return of old school, vintage-style throwback standup racing to Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

The Watercraft Journal was on hand and blew the lid right off of this inaugural event in fine fashion with next-day event coverage and a massive photo gallery. But what we didn’t know what lengths Fish was willing to take to reinvigorate the world of personal watercraft racing. “We’re all on the same plane, but there’s no one in the cockpit,” Fischetti told The Watercraft Journal last week. “The sport needs somebody at the controls. We’ve been waiting forever for somebody to step up. I just finally figured, ‘Why not me?’”

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