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    Riva Gen 3 or wait for the new Fizzle intercooler? Another intercooler bites the dust

    Iím ready to replace the my 2014 RXT-X intercooler, actually itís a 2011 RXT-X with a 2014 engine, and a intercooler compliments of Sea Doo. Yes another intercooler that leaked. I donít want to take a chance on this 2014 intercooler not knowing if the flaws have been worked out of it. So Iím obviously looking for quality and performance in my intercooler, is it worth $200 extra for the Riva Gen 3 or wait for the Fizzle?

    One last thing, anyone who has 2011 and up intercooler take it from me replace it now! My ski was under warranty, but it took a strong arm from the dealership for Sea Doo to come through.
    1 default intercooler = an engine, a throttle body, intercooler and a supercharger $$$$$

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    I can not speak first hand about the Fizzle but I can about the Gen3. It is a tank and built very stout and is larger than the stock IC. I have Motec logs clearly showing the Gen3 intake manifold temps are 10-15* F COOLER than the stock IC during and after WOT runs. The temperature cool down rate after a WOT is much quicker also.

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    What about performance wise, rpm's and speed?

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    I had Riva put a Gen 3 in my '14 RXT-260 before I even took delivery. I don't have data but I'm very happy with it. You are smart to not take a chance by using the stock Sea-Doo unit.

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    There is a new Fizzle Intercooler coming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCski View Post
    What about performance wise, rpm's and speed?
    The gen 3 keeps temps lower and more constant that is where you get your extra power and stability over long runs

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    I've heard the new F1000 is on back order, not sure when it will be available

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    If your willing to wait, Fizzle! I have his HE IC. And it's awesome. Can just imagine what the f1000 can do.

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    Damn my 14 PX has 25 hours on it and no issues with my intercooler.

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    Make sure you monitor your oil, any creamy in color, or lack of power stop!

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