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    New Owner... Let's get it all out in the open... HELP!!

    OK, so I'm new around here. But not new to toys, reclamation projects, forums, defects, repairs, yada yada. I just picked up 2 skis. One, a 2007 Wake 215 with 30 hours and a 2006 Wake 155 with 40 hours. 215 has never seen salt. 155 has. The SC is on its way back from Jerry as we speak.

    What things do I need to pay attention to as a matter of preemptive medicine? SC? Check. Pulled the valve cover off the 2006 155 to look at the valves and couldn't see diddly. Manufacture date 03/06. Am I in the clear on the sodium filled valves?

    I keep reading about "flywheel bolts." Are these things in need of checking or replacing on either of my skis?

    Sorry if all of this has been mentioned somewhere in this massive wealth of info, but most of what I've read leads me to the question "does this apply to MY skis?" So I ask specifically. Thanks in advance.
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    Congrats on the skis! Good move on the SC. Other then that, the bare basics, flush after use and spray down engine compartment with wd-40 or comparable oil. Thats the info I know, my 2007 RXT was a joy and zero problems up to 225hrs when I crashed it.

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