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    What type of hone should I use

    I need to slightly hone my Yamaha nikasil cylinder. Should I use a silcon carbide ball type or a stone blade type.

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    a real nikasil hone is not cheap and need a good pressure type,not a dinkleberry.
    and to make matters even worse the coating is not very thick so you could burn thru
    chances are if theres grooves in it ,its already toast.

    you can do the muratic acid wipe to test and see

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    If you must, or want to, hone a Nikasil/Galnikal cylinder, I suggest you use ONLY the "Brush Flex-Hone" which is also called a Ball Hone.

    Use ONLY the aluminum oxide 240 hone. Do NOT use the silicon carbide hone 320, as there can be a potential problem with that fast cutting hone. The purpose of the honing, IF you want to do it, on Nikasil/Galnikal, is simply to deglaze and clean up.

    I do NOT hone Nikasil except in heavily glazed situations... I simply use 3M green industrial pads, soap and water; these particular pads do not leave particles of silicon carbide in the walls.
    Info from this website:

    Food for thought.


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