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    meter assembly tricks? gauge

    I'm hoping this is not a rare problem...I'm putting a '99 suv together...I'm not even sure yet if the gauge is working but have no reason to believe it wont...unfortunately, the knurled bolts that are in the plastic(studs that nuts go on to hold bracket) got tightened to much and broke out of the plastic and was wondering if there are any "tricks" to make this useable...I'd hate to spend a couple hundred for a used one if the unit is working, If it isn't, well then I guess I have to.. Has anyone ever deal with this? thanks!

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    jb weld maybe
    Or try heating up a nut on the end of a bolt and burn into the plastic

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    I lke the burn idea, just might work!...thanks! any others?...JB works on plastic?
    Worse case scenario, thinking of just siliconing it in around perimeter?

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    JB weld works as does plastic weld or even plastix fix

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