hi guys ive just bought a 2010 Yamaha fzs, its got a stage 3 reflashed ecu, aftermarket prop that's been repitched, aftermarket dual exhaust, rising fuel reg, r&d ride plate, intercooler and blow off valve, its been used for circuit racing so its got heaps of acceleration but not as much top speed as I was after as I don't use it for circuit racing just for river use,i was wondering what prop everyone thinks would be more suited for it its currently doing 78mph was looking for around 80mph but when I took it out it was cavitating a fair bit but ive been told that could be due to the gap between the wear ring and the prop as its got a fair gap, also what computer would yous recommend to put on it so I can adjust the air fuel ratios ect and any other little things I could put on it or any other ways to stop it cavitating cheers guys