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    how do i get rid of cavitation on my 2010 fzs

    hi just purchased a 2010 fzs and took it out for its first ride and its cavitating a fair bit but noticed there is a fair gap inbetween the wear ring and the impeller would replacing them fix my problem? or is there something else also what impeller should I be running its been set up for circuit raceing but I don't need it for that anymore looking to get more top end speed out of it un sure of what impeller is in it

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    I'm not sure what impeller is suited to it, but yes, any significant gap will cause that issue.

    Try calling Solas and they should be able to point you to the best impeller for it.

    Just make sure the pump is resealed well otherwise you're going to have the same issue.

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    Wear ring may be bad.

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