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    Restoring mid 90's ZXI... Am I crazy?

    Hey everyone, new here, and new to the pwc world. Have a few questions for you guys.

    So my close friend has a mid 90's zxi that's been sitting for 10+ years on the side of his house on a trailer. Partially covered over the seat and gauges. Would I be crazy for trying to restore this old thing? The body looks in decent shape but that's about all I've looked at. Looked at the impeller end and it looks ok, no rust really. In reality, what am I looking at replacing, just about everything?

    I've been working on imports full time at a dealership for a few years now, but I know these are a whole lot different from cars. Give me your input!

    Thanks in advance everyone!

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    Hello connorlug, and Welcome to the Hulk. I have a 97 ZXI, its a very reliable running ski. I have never done any work on it in the 10 years I have owned it. (I know, pretty bad of me).
    But outside of winterizing, cleaning carbs once-n-while and putting new batteries in every few years it has never failed me. A few years ago I cracked it up pretty bad, so it does not luck all that great. It runs great & tops out around 45 gps, each & every year. So if the ski you can get is cheap enough, and you have some skills sets with hand tools, engions etc. I say go for it. It maybe that it will not need a rebuild just some good old attention. Good Luck

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    You'll probably have to overhaul the carbs and flush the fuel system, may replace some hoses, but it's probably worth doing.

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    If you enjoy the process, then you are not crazy. I restored a 30 year old commercial lawnmower two years ago, for total cost of about $2500 including purchase (an equivalent new mower would start around 8K). It'll last me at least another 20 years. My current '01 XLT1200 project cost more to paint than tho purchase, I'll still finish it up for under $4500, which is about what excellent condition skis are selling for around here. I didn't start either of these projects to save money, I just enjoy tinkering and learning.

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