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    2001 Virage TX No spark

    I recently purchased what appeared to be a very nice Virage TX with trailer and hoist. We put the hoist in the water, drove over to the ramp and put the ski in. It started after a couple of attempts. I rode it over to our cottage, only took a minute or two, and hit the stop button to tt my daughter on the dock. After that I can not get it started. Ran through all the diagnostics from the different threads here and ended up taking it in to the marina where they diagnosed it as a bad CDI (they say the stator is good) and that they can't get a replacement CDI. When my dad and I were running through the help on this site, we were pretty sure that the CDI was OK (voltages out were registering what they should).

    The status is no spark. No spark pressing bilge and starting. Here's the thing, my dad's convinced my luck is not that bad. When we first opened the ECU, we noticed the bilge fuse was blown (and was a 7A fuse) The best I could find at the auto parts store is a 5A so we put that in and still no go on the bilge running. Hooked the bilge up directly to battery and the bilge seems to be locked up, which the marina confirmed. My question is, can the bad bilge be causing anything? Even with it disconnected we get nothing. It seems silly that the bilge would cause no spark, but its worth a shot.

    I think I saw a post where someone offered to check a CDI for postage costs? Is it worth doing that or should I just trust the marina? And if I trust them, anyone with experience with the $500 ones off ebay?


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    Well, few things going on here.

    Unplug the bilge pump until you can get it replaced. The CDI is powered by the same Orange circuit that powers the bilge pump. Only difference is the bilge pump goes through the fuse, the CDI does not.

    The Bilge button on the handlebar is actually an override that forces power to the Orange circuit. Not only does that power up the bilge pump but it also provides power to the Electric reverse (if your model has PERC) and it also powers up the CDI module.

    So first test, after disconnecting the bilge pump, is to hold down the Bilge button and see if electric Reverse works. If yes, the next test is to see if you have spark when cranking.

    Note that the CDI is sensitive to battery voltage. When the engine is cranking if the battery voltage does not stay above 10.6 volts you will not have spark even if everything else is good.

    Next step is to unplug and bypass the LR-505 Start/Stop module. If this module goes bad it can (among other things) force the ignition kill signal to the CDI. The original LR-505 modules are known to go bad, so this is quite possibly the problem cause.

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    Thanks. I think we will go through all the diagnostics again just to be sure, but we tried all of the suggestions. Pretty quickly disconnected the bilge as we knew it wasnt working, I just wanted tom ake sure that whatever circuit that is wasnt reliant on the bilge being there and drawing a certain amount of power (which seems silly since if that were the case, the fuse blowing would shutdown the ski). Doesnt hurt to ask.

    The bilge button and starting is tricky. I cannot hold down the bilge button and press the start, nothing happens. Nothing. I've tried various timings, pressing bilge right after start, waiting a second, etc. An additional piece of info that at some point someone did the power bulletin bypass thing, connecting orange to the red/purple.

    Wait, the electric reverse thing is new, we will try that. IDK when though, but its something to try.

    My first quick fix was a new battery. Also had fully charged the old. That didnt help. We did check the voltage drop during crank and it doesnt drop below 10.8.

    We did attempt the LR505 bypass as well. Its worth doing all those again though. It didn't help, but I did notice that I can hold the bilge down and hit the starting button and it tries to turn over. Different than when the LR was connected.

    I will update after we go thru diags again. Thanks.

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