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    Engineless 2000 GPR a worthwhile project?

    So, I just bought a 2000 GPR with a trailer and blown motor for $600. Thought I would be able to send the motor in for rebuilding, but there's a nice big hole in the block and one of the cylinders and the crank is very difficult to turn. Since then, I have been reading through threads and trying to decide if this is worth diving into. Unfortunately, the previous owner was the one that tore the engine down(and left out the part about it being junk), so I'm also going to have a bit of a big learning curve getting this all back together, if I do.

    The way I see it, I have a few options:

    1 - find someone selling a complete used 1200 PV engine

    2 - find someone selling a rebuildable short block and cylinder, then send that along with the rest of my engine to Full Bore or PWC Engines to be rebuilt.

    3 - find a running ski and keep this for parts or part it.

    My goal is just to have a very reliable ski. I jumped at this because Yamaha has a reputation for reliability and it doesn't hurt that with a little effort, 70mph or close to it is possible. After hearing about all the PV issues, I'm not so sure about the reliability part. If I do build it, I would like to do it right and make it nice and of course do the requisite D plate and wave eater clips, or aftermarket reeds. I'm going to need new reeds anyway, along with just about everything else. The carbs look good but I assume need rebuilt and the exhaust and airbox is complete, but everything under the flywheel cover was all rusted out. I would plan on painting this inside and out too.

    So, if you're still reading. I have a few questions:

    1 - Does this seem worthwhile without becoming ridiculously expensive?

    2 - Are there any recommended shops for having engine work done? I found the two above, and SBT doesn't seem like a good choice.

    3 - If you have a ski that has been restored like this, can you share with me some pointers, was it worth it, how reliable has it been, etc?

    I apologize if this stuff has been asked before. I'm sure it has. There is almost too much info out there on these, that it's hard to sort through and find the best advice to listen to. Oh, and if you've got a motor for sale in the might wanna get in touch with me!

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    buy a wrecked vxr or fxho and build a NA conversion !!!!!!! able to do 70+ great fuel usage and super dependable !!!!

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    I would love to do that! But, it kind of looks like I would need to have some fabrication skills I just don't have. I've read through those 100 plus page threads, and they definitely look cool. I just tore down the long block the rest of the way. I'm kind of thinking I might be able to pull off handling the rebuilding of the motor. When you've never done that before and you're staring at a block with a hole in the side, it looks kind of intimidating. It's starting to seem a little less complicated though. I'm not for certain, but I think one of the PV's dropped, which tore off a piece of a piston, which then exited the side of the block and tore up that rod as well. I found a place near me selling a good clean block for $380. That might be my next step.

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