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    Question Washing the hull/engine room on seadoo rxp 215 2007mod. Any Good Tips??

    Hi i was wondering if anybody here have a good tip for me for washing the hull on my rxp?

    The hull is full of old oil. looks like i have some leaking from the main shaft on the motor, dripping slowly.
    have any body heard about omega that u use in the oil ?
    for lubricate up the o/sim Rings ?

    how do i get the water out of the hull after i am done with the wash.
    do i need to purchase a little electric pump to pump it out.

    or can i flush out the 2 rear plugs in the back.

    best regards
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    When I wash the inside of my hull there is never enough water to even make it to the drain plugs in the stern. I simply suck out any water that collects at the bottom of the hull with a small wet/dry vac.

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