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    Flushing salt water when traveling

    Hey Guys,
    So I pulled the trigger on a new ski! Got an 06' Yamaha FX HO. Amped on this thing. Planning to do many trips in the Oregon area. Which leads me to why I started this thread..

    I know you want to flush it as soon as you can after salt water rides with salt away and so on. However, I am planning to use this up in Oregon and remote places whilst camping and trying to score waves. This being said, I don't know if there will be a place to flush and rinse the ski properly. I don't want salt corrosion though so i am not sure how to solve this problem? I mean I could always try and find a hose but i am not sure where i will be or if i will be close to anything really.

    Any ideas would be awesome! Thank you!


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    I travel with my own hose, just incase I can find a spigot. To just wash down the outside and pump you could just use a garden sprayer with water and salt away mix, but not sure what you could do to flush the engine

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    My ski has slept in saltwater when I stay in the keys. Clean it really good after the weekend. You'll be fine.

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