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    No Stickey? Reverse cable? trim or steering cable?

    Did a search in a couple yamaha threads looking for cable installation advice...was suprised to see there was none...I've owned a couple/few 2 stroke yamahas and have had a cable replaced on every one! I'm needing to replace the reverse (and possibly later the trim)...its it required to remove the pump to do this? or is there some kool tool like a LOOOONG socket to get the plastic nut? thanks for help!

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    Im assuming its an XLT?

    reverse cable is easy, and the nut for the cable is on the inside of the hull, not outside. Remove the cable bracket from the front, and the end that attaches to the lever is a spring loaded quik coupler, so slide the outer housing back and it will release the ball socket. remove the nut from inside the hull and release the ball socket on the rev bucket (same as up front). the cable will now slide out from the rear
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    wfo, thank you!...I just received it in the mail today, feel kinda dumb about asking as I saw that as soon as I got cable, that it could be done from it looks like I can tighten the 2 outer nuts to each other, then insert into hull and tighten interior retaining nut and thats it? currently has a bunch of silicone goop around the inside nut, I guess just clean all that off and caulking shouldn't be needed? also, the rubber gasket goes on the outside, not the inside, correct? Thanks again!
    btw, if it matters, I'm guessing it doesnt. it a 99 suv

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    yes, the round rubber "gasket" seals to the outside of the hull and just tighten the nut on the inside. I would clean up any old silicone so it will seal with no leaks

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