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Thread: Bushing HELP!

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    Bushing HELP!

    I was pulling apart one of my GP1200's to fix a hole in the hull. When attempting to remove one of the bolts holding the ride plate, the brass bushing stripped/turned in the hull. I was able, with much profanity, to finally get the bolt out and drill out the bushing but now I would REALLY like to put a new one in instead of just tapping/cleaning this one up. Anyone know where I can source one? Dave

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    I found them pretty easy, by accident on I did not think that sort of item would be available since it was embedded in the hull from the factory but I was wrong. Why did they have to use red loctite anyway?

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    Get the ones for a 2005 ish gp1300. Its a bracket instead of a bushing. one bracket hold one side of the ride plate. This way it wont spin out on you again. use a heat gun and heat the heck out of it pop the bushing out then use 3m 5200 to silicone the bracket in. use search button on here....Many threads and how to's

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