The Watercraft Journal: Brian, could you tell me a little about how you got involved in this industry? How did it start out for you?

Brian Karolchik: It started long ago; I would see guys on standups when I was just a kid and always wanted one. Finally, I moved close enough to a lake to get to use one, rather than look at it most of the time. In 2003, I drove three hours to Delaware and bought a 1993 750SX and that started my addiction.
WCJ: At what point did you decide to start your company? What sparked your idea?
BK: Josh Chollak and I have been friends for a long time, and after cutting up a few hulls over the years trying to perfect one for myself, working on Josh’s X-2 and watching the rise and fall of other builders, Josh and I decided it was time. We watched Nick Wadman from Thailand build his freestyle project hull on and as soon as he offered up the molds, we jumped. It was a long 43-day boat ride to get them here and it was the first time I experienced international ocean freight. What a learning experience that was.

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