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    97 XP electrical issues!!

    Currently have some electrical issues with my 97 xp. I will be running full throttle and it will just die. Read up on it and many people suggested replacing the ignition switch. Replaced the ignition switch as well as cleaned the contacts on the key. First time out and ran great, no problems. When I was on it last week after about 10 minutes it started acting up again. I noticed this time however when I disconnected the key that the VTS gauge stayed in position as well as the oil light stayed on (its been converted to premix). I feel this should eliminate a bad ground because a circuit is still being completed somehow which leaves me to believe it is a short. Where do I start to look?? Also, sometimes when connecting the key, you don't get the *beep beep* as you should. The gauges will activate and the ski will start, just no beeping...Please help as electronics are not my cup of tea!!
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    Anyone?? Sorry if this is not the right place to post this, new to this forum.

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    Tough to answer with out seeing, where are you located always good to have your location in your profile incase someone near you can offer to help or recommend a good repair shop. when it does stall does it start up again? When key is out but gauges are on will it still start? Does it just shallot bogdown, read up on the posts on the rectifier

    Check out


    Find electrical connections in the ski, start the ski and move wires and connectors around and see if it stalls. Meter the start stop switch, make sure that is not failing even if new. Clean all connections remove battery terminal before you clean them. Make sure female connectors are not spread apart too wide that could cause an open

    With key out and gauges still on tap the key terminal and see if it shuts off. trace the key terminal wires back they probably go to a relay or modal give that a couple taps if the key is off and gauge stay on. With key out and gauges on remove the connector that goes to the key and see if gauges shut off.

    Use something non conductive to tap on the electronics. Yours hands are conductive, and just tap, don't beat on it.

    Start there and report back,
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    I have a complete parts xp 97, if you need anything. I took the motor out and used it on another ski if you need anything let me know. it has the complete electrical harness in like new cond. I would have to remove anypart you would need from ski.(might take me a day or 2)

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