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    Need help making a decision buying a new yamaha help

    Buying a new ski stuck between a vxs & a fzr coming from 04 xlt 1390 help

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    FZSVHO !!!! or at least a FZSHO

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    Fzr no matter where you ride. If your on a budget then vxr.

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    Fz svho or fzsho whats the difference

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    Miamifzs2013 how did you make out with your stolen ski i was reading the post

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    Thanks big john and miamifzs 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by yamaha1390 View Post
    Miamifzs2013 how did you make out with your stolen ski i was reading the post
    Insurance is cutting me a check for more then I owed. Should have a check for my parts within 90 days aswell. Ill be buying another 2014 next week

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    nice to hear

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    If you can afford the 2014 FZR/S go for it and never look back.

    If the budget isn't going to work you'll be happy with the VXR/S its a very nice ski though if your a heavy ocean rider may want to look at something different.

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    Ill throw my 2 cents in,All this depends on where you ride and what you feel is important of course.If your inland on smoother type water Go with the VXR/VXS great bang for the buck and less things to break being NA.

    If your inland but on bigger lakes where it at times can get somewhat ruff but also has spots where its smooth or just choppy,and you have the cash go with the svho,i tested a SVHO fzs and the thing is fast,pulls hard and is fairly good on the chop.1-2 foot type stuff.

    I know this is a yamaha forum but if your riding open ocean all the time your not going to do better than an ultra.i know its a sore subject to alot of guys (why i have no idea nor do i care) but anyone who is honest and has ridden offshore will say the same thing.

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