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    installed ski module, ski won't start


    2013 rxt-x installed seadoo ski module. it was 3 wires inserted into fuse box and one wire into the diag connector. Installed everything. hooked up batter before moving onto the depth finder and no start. The relay clicks and has power from the battery but cluster won't display nor will ski start. with the batt disconnected the relay will not click. I have power. I disconnected the module and reconnected, tried to start ski with and without it plugged in.

    Looked over everything that was disconnected, which was the battery, removed fuse box and flipped over (no wires came undone that I can tell)

    any ideas.

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    also removed connector from diag plug as well.

    everything was working fine earlier had candoo hooked up and reset main. light and started ski etc.

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    Check fuses and make sure bus bar in correct.

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    dohhhhh that bar, didn't click that that connects all the accessory wires. I thought it was a dummy bar for all the connectors. I knew it had to be something simple!

    btw that fixed it haha

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