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Thread: Ski care ?

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    Ski care ?

    Once Im done ridding in the ocean for the day I always bring my ski home and spray the engine down with water. I have noticed there always seems to be a small amount of leftover water sitting just below the engine. It is very difficult to remove this left over water. Should I be concerned that leaving the water inside the ski could cause any damage whatsoever? Or is it harmless? The ski is always kept with the seat off and in the garage when being stored.

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    I would get it out with a shop vac. I've never ridden in salt water so I don't know anything first hand but seeing a lot of the posts around here I think you should also be rinsing with Salt Away.

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    Leave the seat off so the water residue can evaporate or you'll see corrosion quickly. Finish with a spray of XPS or fluid film.

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    I always spray it down with xps, but it takes a long time for the water to evaporate.

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    Just use common sense and the right product to rinse away the salt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Q in Arizona View Post
    I would get it out with a shop vac.
    I agree. Just did this yesterday. I never leave standing water in the bilge if I can avoid it, especially salt water.

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