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    Need quick reply...How to tighten intake clamp?

    Ok...I just finished installing my rebuilt supercharger on my 2005 RXT, (that was fun)...

    My last step it to tighten the intake clamp shown in the photo...

    Since I get one shot at this, and I have have never clamped one of these before, I don't want to "wing-it" and screw it up...

    Is there a special tool or trick to this, or do I just use a pliers and squeeze it tight? It looks simple, but I have learn too many lessons when winging it...

    I appreciate any detailed instructions for this...Thanks!

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    Don't use it! You need a special tool. Most GH riders swap out to stainless steel clamps. Either heavy duty worm screw type or better style the SS T bolt type, very good.

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    You can use a pair of wire cutters if you choose to use it. Open them up, clamp jaws around the base of the square and squeeze the hell out of them. Use them all the time at work and that's how I do it, havnt had any problems. Pliers won't work. The objective is to only squeeze the very bottom portion of the square where it meets the band.

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    Oetiker clamps work if you get them tight enough, I doubt without the right tool you will. I've had clamps blow off on the charged air side of the SC to IC - IC to throttle body. There's a lot of pressure there (hopefully).

    Remember to de-grease the inside of the rubber hoses and the metal outlet / inlet connections (can't think what they're called - mental block). A good tip is to then spray them with girls hairspray (or boys!). It allows the hose to slide on but sticks like shit. Many high boost car guys use that tip.

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